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​Look, we get it... If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In this case, we are presenting a very unique opportunity, with a strict limit to 20 people.

Due to advertising rules we can't put all the details here, but believe us you don't want to miss this!!

*By contacting us we can give you all the details.
Here's What We Provide... Plus More!
Team Of Coaches
We have a team of certified fitness professionals that will encourage, motivate & guide you to succeed in our fitness program.
Complete Fitness Program
Our complete fitness program is SIMPLE to follow, FUN to do, and EASY to get results... you just gotta show up!
Stay On Track In 2018
We ALL have New Year goals... but staying on track is tough. We have the perfect system that will keep you engaged and make you successful.
Small Group. Personal Touch. More Help. That's Who We Are.
Only 20 Spots Available!
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So, Are You Ready To Take A Leap?
Are you ready for a different type of Fitness Challenge this New Year? If so, we are looking for women in Westminster, Broomfield & Thornton to be a part of our…”Win Your Money Back Fitness Challenge”.
Yep, you heard right…. You have the chance to participate in this Challenge for absolutely ZERO COST!
Everyone in our program is a winner, no matter how much weight you lose.
It’s all up to you in how much money you want to WIN!
Not only can you win ALL your money back, you will also receive:
  • 6 Weeks Of Fast But Effective Training Sessions
  •  Win Cash For Reaching Your Fitness Goals
  •  We Give You The Attention You Deserve
  •  42 Day Metabolism Boosting Food Plan
  •  Become Part Of Our Fitness Family
  •  Train With Others With Similar Goals
Susan & Javier :: Owner & Head Trainers
Only 20 Spots Available!
Enter your information to start your application. No obligation to purchase.
How It All Works...

  • This is how it works, you enter your information in the provided box for one of the 20 spots we have available.
  •  Make sure you fill out our application, because we are ONLY accepting the top 20 candidates.
  •  Once you are accepted, we will schedule you for a success session, where you and I will have a sit down meeting and go over your goals and how you are going to achieve them. 

  • Once we do that, you HAVE to put a little skin in the game and pay for the program, BUT…I’m giving you the chance to win ALL that money back if you follow the plan.
  •  You will have 6 weeks to accomplish this goal and my TEAM of coaches be there to help you every step of the way :-)
  •  So, if you’re ready to WIN back some cash while reaching your New Year’s resolution fitness goals, go ahead and fill in the form to start the application for one of the 20 available spots

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